Huyton Kuk Sool Won

Lord Derby Academy, Seel Road, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 6DG.

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Richard Casey, Sa Buhm Nim (4th Dahn Black belt)

I have practiced Kuk Sool Won for over 25 years and achieved my first degree black belt in 1996 at the age of 16. I like to practice as much as possible and regularly compete in tournaments and attend WKSA workshops and seminars.

It's a great privilege for me, to pass on everything that I have learnt to new and existing students.

Denise Jackson, Sa Buhm Nim (4th Dahn Black Belt)

Andrea Arregi, Jo Kyo Nim (1st Dahn Black Belt)

Andrew Hayes, Jo Kyo Nim

Stephen McDermott, Jo Kyo Nim

Cheryl Kilduff, Jo Kyo Nim


Lord Derby Academy
Seel Road
L36 6DG



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